What’s The Difference Between a Psychic, Tarot Reader, Clairvoyant and Medium?

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When people come into the shop for a reading, the most common question I get asked, is what is the difference between a psychic reading as opposed to a tarot card reading, clairvoyant reading or session with a medium? Great question as each title has a slightly different approach to a reading. Psychic Reading A Psychic is someone who just knows things about you, your past and your life, and is able to help you with guidance in any area of your physical and spiritual life. They generally draw on their own intuition, connection to your soul, guides and subsconscious mind which is where you future is stored. Some gifted psychics can also tap into universal wisdom and knowledge, the akashic records and spirit guides to get accurate information. When a Psychic does a reading they can also read your energy field and do not rely on the use of jewelery (psychometry) or contact with people that have passed (medium & clairvoyant), or cards (tarot readers). Though many Psychics are talented enough to incorporate clarivoyance, mediumship and tarot into their reading. Just as there are good and not so good people in the world, so it is with the psychic realms. Naughty energies and intentions can greatly interfere with psychic if they are not conscious enough or protecting themselves from that interference when they read. This is why you may not always get an accurate reading from a Psychic who is less experienced in this area. At Body Plus Spirit New … Continue reading