Please note that in some circumstances readers will be able to extend your consultation if necessary, however this is not always possible due to future bookings. A 45 minute consultation is our most popular. 


30 Mins – $55

45 Mins – $75

1 Hour – $90

1 1/2 Hour – $135


Our readers

Our readers are ethical, confidential and professional and have decades of experience.

The serious stuff

Spiritual practitioners use a combination of a deep connection with their chosen modality and mediums, intuition, well developed interpersonal and communication skills and the information available or given to them in the present moment (during your reading). Our spiritual practitioners provide spiritual guidance and coaching, interpretations, information and council; they are not fortune tellers. 

Body plus spirit and its sub-contractors are not responsible or liable for any actions or negative consequence resulting in the decision use or act on information given during a reading. The decision on how to use this information is made freely by the client, you are the master of your own destiny.

To get the most out of your reading, be as open and honest as you can with your reader and discuss what you are looking to achieve. If at any point during your reading you are unhappy please discuss with the practitioner, during your appointment. Much like a restaurant, if you devour an entire meal and later claim you were unpleased, it becomes difficult to fix.